How to Share Tracks, Mobile Maps, and Embeddable Maps to Your Facebook or Twitter Timeline

Share to Facebook and Twitter

You can share tracks, mobile maps, and embeddable maps to your Facebook or Twitter timeline. To share go your JuicyTrails user dashboard and "View" either a track, mobile map, or map embed. At the top of these view pages are the Facebook and Twitter share buttons.


For Twitter, simply click the button to share a link. Facebook shares look better if promotional images and descriptions are provided, which is described below.

Create Facebook Promotional Image and Description for Facebook Shares


Facebook shares look better when promotional images and descriptions are supplied. You can choose promotional images to upload and descriptions to include when creating or editing GPS track, mobile map, and embed pages. The Facebook section is at the bottom of these pages.

  • Promotional Image - You can use choose to upload most any kind of image. We recommend taking a screenshot of the map area on your create page, and uploading it.
  • Description - Text descriptions help users understand what you are sharing. Sometimes we simply copy and paste the text content created on create pages.

Upon saving these pages, you'll be presented with Facebook and Twitter share buttons or by selecting to "View" GPS track, Mobile Map, or Embed pages from your user dashboard.