How To Draw a GPS Track Using JuicyTrails


You can draw GPS tracks and add them to Mobile Maps to share or follow them yourself. Drawn tracks that are published and listed can be viewed by anyone in the map layers and downloaded and followed in stand-alone GPS devices as well. To follow a track using JuicyTrails, create a Mobile Map and add the track to the map. You can also share GPS tracks via track preview URL links and Facebook or Twitter. Use a computer to draw GPS tracks.

Watch the video, and/or read the instructions below.


Required *(Login, Title, Draw Track, Save)


Go to, create an account and login.

Draw GPS track*


From your JuicyTrails user account dashboard click "Tracks", and then "Draw New Track".



Give your track a good title.



The slug is autogenerated from the title. Do not change it unless you know what slugs are.

Track Drawing Map*


This is the area where GPS tracks are drawn. It contains a map, your .gpx file (colored cyan), waypoints (if any), elevation profile, map layers, track line drawing tool, waypoint marker tool, editing tool, and delete tool.

  • juicytrails-upload-track-elevation-profileElevation profile button.
  • juicytrails-upload-track-map-layersMap Layers. Options are JuicyTrails and Aerial.
  • juicytrails-upload-track-gps-line-toolGPS track line drawing tool. Use this line drawing tool to create GPS tracks. Draw a GPS line by clicking the left mouse button to create the latitude/longitude points of the line. Click and hold the left button to move the map. Delete erroneous points by clicking "delete last point" option in when the track drawing tool is activated. Double click the last point to finish drawing a line. Be careful not to accidentally double-click the last point until you are finished drawing the line, because there is currently no way to resume drawing an individual line segment once it's been finished due to a hangup with the leaflet code.
  • juicytrails-upload-track-waypoint-marker-toolWaypoint marker tool. You can add waypoint markers to the track by clicking this tool and then right-clicking the map at the point where you'd like it to appear. You can also choose the map marker style and enter text to display for the waypoint. See the Track Waypoints section below for info about how to choose a map marker and where to enter text for the waypoint.
  • juicytrails-upload-track-edit-toolEditing tool. You can move individual GPS latitude and longitude positions in a GPS line as well as waypoint marker latitude longitude positions.
  • juicytrails-upload-track-delete-toolDelete tool. You can delete waypoint markers or GPS lines.

Track Waypoints


When you place a waypoint marker in the map you'll be presented with options for changing the marker style and adding text content for each marker as shown above. Waypoint marker styles can be selected from the drop-down menu. For example, in the map shown above, the "start" marker style was selected and includes the text typed in the field below the marker selection drop-down.



Add some descriptive text content about the track, especially if you plan on sharing it.



Add a teaser.

Publishing Options


Note, if you do not want anyone else to have access to your track, do not click "published" or "listed".

  • Publishing makes your track available for others to see on the internet, but only via its direct URL. If other people do not have or know this link URL address, they probably won't be able to find your track. If you share a published track URL users will be able to view it and download .gpx and .kml versions of the track.
  • Listing a track makes it visible in the JuicyTrails map and site for others to view, download as .gpx or .kml file. Tracks must be listed in order to be added to mobile maps. See our How to Create Mobile Trail Map page for details about how to add tracks to mobile maps.
  • Directional adds direction arrows to the .gpx track in the map and to map downloads that have tracks added to them.



There are two types of tracks:

  1. Trail - an individual trail segment.
  2. Route - is a track denoting a way from getting from a starting point to a destination. Routes are used to send oneself or someone else on a specified course.

GPS Vertical Override


Calculations for cumulative GPS vertical gain/loss are determined by algorithms, which can vary wildly between algorithms. If you do not like the values produced by JuicyTrails' algorithm, you can override these values by entering them in manually in meters. Use Google to search for feet/meters conversions.



Difficulty ratings help people determine whether or not trails or routes are suitable for their skill level. JuicyTrails difficulty rating system is based on skiing difficulty symbols because most people understand them.

  • juicytrails-easiest-symbol Easiest
  • juicytrails-easy-symbol Easy
  • juicytrails-moderate-symbol More Difficult
  • Very Difficult
  • juicytrails-extreme-symbol Extremely Difficult



Select the kind of activity intended.

Info URL


Add an URL of web page where users can find more information about a trail or route. It will appear in the track info modal popup window.



Select a color for your track.



Once your track is saved, you can share it to Facebook. Facebook shares look better if they have promotional images and text content provided for the share. While you can create your own promotional image, we usually take a screenshot of the track in the map and choose that for the promotional image. For the text, we often simply copy and paste the track content created above into the description field.



Save your track.