How To Create An Interactive Trail Map Tab On a Facebook Page


You can create an interactive trail map tab in a Facebook page to display one of your JuicyTrails embeddable maps. Below is a screenshot of a JuicyTrails map displayed on the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association Facebook page via in Interactive Map tab.



Go to, create an account and log in.

Click the Facebook button in your user dashboard


From your user dashboard click the Facebook button in the dashboard menu.

Link with Facebook


Click the "Link With Facebook" button to link your JuicyTrails user account to Facebook.

Select a Facebook page to link to


Select a page that you manage to link to. Only one JuicyTrails account can be linked to a Facebook page.

Create an Embeddable Map


If you haven't already created an embeddable map, you'll need to create one. Go here for instructions on how to create an embeddable map.

Select an Embed to Display


Once you have created embeds, you can select which one of them to display via a Facebook page tab. Select a map to display from the "Displays Embed" drop down list.

Save Page Settings


Click "Save Page Settings" to save the embed tab to your Facebook page.

Manage Tabs


To make your interactive map tab easier for users to find you may want to manage it. Click the manage tabs button.

Drag to Reorder Tabs


Drag to reorder the "Interactive Map" tab further up the list so that the tab will be displayed by default.

View Interactive Map


Here is an example of how the reordered tab and interactive map look on a Facebook page.